The JNCN HOMES® steel construction technology combines the advantages of a post-and-beam structure with an integrated energy efficient solution for the thermal envelope. We provide architects with exceptional tools and building solutions to design striking and timeless buildings.

Precision beyond measureThe components in a JNCN HOMES home are 3D designed and catalogued as part of the manufacturing process. There is no searching, second-guessing or cutting on the job site, ensuring a fast and cost-effective assembly.
Designed for local challengesEach custom home is carefully designed to withstand local snow loads, seismic loads and heavy winds. Steel is also impervious to mold, rot and termite damage, protecting both your health and your investment.
High-performance HomesEvery high performance design relies on outstanding insulation and an efficient air exchange with the outside. The JNCN HOMES thermal envelope is a one-stop shop solution to design with and build on.

Not only is steel recyclable, unlike wood or concrete, but the JNCN HOMES steel construction technology is so precise that there is nothing left over once the job is complete. Few people realize that 50% of waste in landfills comes from construction sites. This is because, on average, the construction of a small house using traditional methods fills a minimum of three waste containers of 40 cubic meters! And you end up paying not only for wasted materials, but also for their removal, the rental of containers, and labor.


22 ft ceilings, 25 ft spans, 20 ft doors and windows openings, no interior-load bearing walls, all possibilities. Imagine large spaces to let your creativity flow and connect with the outdoors. The strength and precision of our patented steel structure system allows for crisp finishes and a sharp look.