New Classic NEW CLASSIC 32

The New Classic inspiration #32 feels warm, yet contemporary, with clean lines, simple, esthetically pleasing finishes of grey shingles and natural wood, and fireplaces both inside the house and on the screened porch. A 2-car garage, plus family-friendly connecting spaces make this a home-away-from-home to be proud of, while the balcony patio and big guest room are perfect for entertaining.

The main living space is a huge 25′ x 30′, with a kids’ play area plus two bedrooms. All three volumes are connected by glass breezeways as a link between nature and coziness. Oversized windows in the upper floor’s spacious master bedroom connect the interior space with the great outdoors. But if you want to actually go outdoors, there’s also an adjoining carved-out balcony patio. A mudroom, laundry and powder room are connected to the 2-car garage and storage space.

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